GCSE Grammar - Verbs & Tenses
Who's who? or Subject Pronouns
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To really know and understand how Spanish verbs work you must first know who's who - in other words the subject pronouns.

Each subject pronoun is the person who is doing/does the action of the verb, e.g. 'I go to to the beach' ('I' is the subject pronoun)

In Spanish, as in English there are lots of them - the good news is that we don't use them very often as the ending of the Spanish verb tells us who is doing the action, e.g. vivo en Helston = I live in Helston.
We could in Spanish say: 'yo vivo en Helston' but in practice we usually leave the 'yo' out

It is essential that you learn these subject pronouns.

You can make cards Spanish on one side, English on the other - test yourself.

You can also make two sets of cards on different coloured card.  Again Spanish on one and English on the other.  Have them all face down and turn them over in pairs.  If you find a matching pair leave them face up.  If not turn them back face down and try again.